Places to visit - Copenhagen

Copenhagen is a Mecca for cyclists. And for those of you who are interested in storm water and torrential rain. The tour includes everything from discreet green spaces to grand and lavish solutions in the urban space. The Green Blue Guide provides explanations for why and how the various solutions came about, and how well they work.

Our full- and half-day tours visit different parts of Copenhagen and show the different solutions the city has used to tackle climate change. Suitable means of transport are by bicycle or local transport. It is also possible to tailor your own round!

City Dunes - City Mile 

A long series of interconnected green roofs in the middle of central Copenhagen

Storm water reservoir

Karen Mindes
Rainfall park

Rainfall park

Sund Nature Park + Panum University
Rainfall park - park + green roofs

Skt Kjelds plads
Roundabout converted into a park


Agriculture on green roofs

Tåsinge Plads
Rainfall park

Green rooftop park