Study visits and guided tours

Explore the sustainable solutions of the future with Green Blue Guide's inspiring study visits!

Discover and learn about blue-green solutions for climate adaptation, including green roofs, walls and ground-based options.

Over the years, thousands of visitors from all over the world, including municipalities, international groups, students, politicians, companies and the general public have participated in the study visits. The field trips are designed to be both informative and inspiring, giving you the opportunity to see these sustainable solutions in action and to learn about their social, economic and environmental benefits.

With Green Bue Guide's study visit, you get a first-hand experience of how sustainability can be integrated into community planning and design, and how it contributes to more viable and sustainable communities.

Regardless of whether you are a municipality, organization or a group that wants to learn more, let Green Blue Guide make your experience meaningful and memorable.

Together we can create a world where people and nature live in harmony and balance!

I conduct many guided tours on behalf of the Green Roof Institute andin the same spirit as they have done for almost 25 years.

Places to visit

Why is Malmö called Malmö? How did it all start? 

Take a tour of the first small trading post that then became a large industrial city and has now been transformed again to focus on education and climate adaptation. The tour is tailored to your wishes, and can range from an hour's walk to a full day on a bike. Contact us for a quote and program proposal.

Read more about some of the places we can visit here:


Copenhagen was hit by a heavy storm in 2011 and since then they have worked very progressively with climate adaptation measures.

Our full- and half-day tours visit different parts of Copenhagen and show the different solutions the city has used to tackle climate change. Choose between two different half-day tours or a full-day tour. Suitable means of transport are by bicycle or local transport. It is also possible to tailor your own round.

Read more about some of the places we can visit here: 

Malmö - tree walk

In Malmö, there are approximately 64,000 trees on public land, distributed among approximately 750 species. They are of great benefit by providing shade, cleaning the air, catching rainwater during torrential downpours, sequestering carbon dioxide and, above all, providing habitat for many birds and insects.

We can go for a walk in one of Malmö's parks to get to know them better - or why not a trip in the city? The trees are everywhere!