Helen Johansson

Welcome to a world of discovery and sustainability!
I am your nationally authorized guide and a proud member of SkåneGuide, which guarantees the highest standard according to guidelines issued by the Swedish Guide Association and Visita, the Swedish hospitality industry.

With over six years of experience as a guide, lecturer and CEO at the Scandinavian Green Roof Institute in the heart of Malmö, my commitment to the green and sustainable future is deeply rooted. My journey started with a love of nature, which eventually led me to explore green roofs and other blue-green urban solutions.

From having been part of the ground-breaking installation of one of Scandinavia's largest roof parks at the Emporia shopping center in Malmö, to lecturing on and managing green roofs and other urban blue-green solutions, I have continuously strived to spread knowledge and awareness.

With a multifaceted background, I have amassed a unique skill set and experience that I now share with the world. By offering exciting courses, inspiring lectures and captivating guided tours, I take you on a journey through verdant rooftop landscapes, historical walks in Malmö, Lund and Copenhagen, and much more.

Whether it's in Swedish or English, my passion and enthusiasm is contagious. Let me guide you through a world of green experiences and the future of sustainability. Welcome to discover with me!





"I tre år har Helen lett mina landskapsingenjör studenter genom Malmös grönblå infrastrukturpå ett ypperligt pedagogiskt sätt. Hon har alltid varit väl förberedd och intressant att lyssna på."

Scott Wahl Universitetsadjunkt och landskapsarkitekt, SLU

“Jag har varit med på flera guidningar tillsammans med Helen under tiden hon har jobbat på Gröna Tak Institutet. Hon lyckas kombinera en avslappnad och personlig stil med en professionalitet och tekniskt innehåll som brukar uppskattas av deltagare. Hon är tydlig i sin kommunikation och ärlig mot gruppen om hon får frågor som hon inte kan svara på, eller där hon förmedlar negativa erfarenheter. Det bygger förtroende och förmedlar viktig kunskap"

Trevor Graham, Director Urban Island

"I have had quite a few times groups of French political delegates in Augustenborg and at the Scandinavian Green Roof Institute.

Helen Johansson was our guide, and she was very knowledgeable, but also enthusiastic, engaging, and also entertaining. She has good communication skills and I would never hesitate to use her again!"

Nathalie Cobalt,
Cobalt Travel