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Learn more about urban blue-green solutions with the Green Blue Guide!

Green Blue Guide offers exciting services such as lectures, seminars, guided tours and tailor-made excursions, with a primary focus on topics such as stormwater management, ecosystem services and green roofs and walls, but also social, ecological and economic sustainability.

With passion and knowledge, each experience is tailored to your needs, for an engaging and educational experience that inspires action.Explore the beauty of the Öresund region and deepen your understanding of sustainable solutions with an experienced guide by your side.

Whether you are a company, an organization or a group, let Green Blue Guide make your trip memorable and meaningful.

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Together we can explore, learn and be inspired for a greener future!

What are blue green solutions?

Blue-green solutions are designed with regard to both the green (vegetation) and the blue (water management).
For example parks, stormwater ponds, rain gardens, street trees & green roofs and facades.

Study visits and guided tours

Green Blue Guide welcomes groups to, among other things, look at various historical or climate-smart solutions in Malmö, Lund and Copenhagen. You can explore the city together with a knowledgeable and well-read guide by cycling, walking or using local transport.

During the tour, you will see and learn more about green roofs, green walls, stormwater solutions and much more, but also about the city's history and future.

Perhaps you choose a tree walk to learn more about Malmö's over 750 different tree species, or a walking tour of one of Malmö's neighborhoods to really get up close and feel the wings of history.

Moderator / conferencer

With my many years of experience as a lecturer, I also undertake moderator duties in various events.

I ensure that the events are carried out in a sustainable way, and with my knowledge of environmentally friendly options, I can guide the groups through various activities and discussions to promote a positive and sustainable climate.

Lectures and courses

Are you looking for expertise in green roofs and blue-green solutions? Green Blue Guide offers a range of services for groups wanting to learn more about these topics. Lectures, seminars, webinars and courses covering alomost everything from stormwater management, green-blue infrastructure and ecosystem services to urban trees and green roofs and walls. The presentations are adapted to meet your specific needs and ensure that you get an inspiring and informative experience.

A large part of the company's operations is devoted to course management for various commissioned training courses.